Money, So They Say

It’s been said that money makes the world go round. Money does not make the world go round, but what does is the infinite consciousness. Money is important and it is an exchange in value that is necessary but it does not make or break who we are.  So much of our trauma around money …

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Let it Flow

So often as participants of life we are standing under this great waterfall of prosperity. We stand there with a little teacup waiting for it to fill up. Picture yourself under a real waterfall with a teacup. There would be so much water that you would miss by just filling up that tiny teacup. You …

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Living Your Dream

It has been said that we don’t get what we want in life, we get what we believe we deserve. If we don’t believe we deserve something, naturally we will not continue working towards those dreams. On the other hand, if we believe that we do deserve our dreams, we speak power into them and we can begin to manifest them.

Living in Harmony with Nature

We have many relationships – relationships with ourselves, with oneness, with the world around us. We also have a relationship with nature and it is important that we recognize that relationship and continue to nurture it.

Me, Myself and I

The most important relationship you have is with the one person who will never, ever leave you: yourself. How you relate to yourself determines how you’ll relate to others in the world.