God, The Thing Itself

This whole idea of God is troublesome to many people. We have been bombarded with so many conflicting ideas about what this word means. These range from the ‘ole man in the sky’ raining down blessing and curses at will, to a simple idea that it is the “opiate of the people” as Karl Marx referred to it. For some, religious ideas and god talk was used as a weapon for control and fear, perhaps even abuse. For others it is simply an idea with little reality or meaning for your life.  Whatever your experience, sorting out the sense and nonsense regarding “god” is central to a spiritual life.

Would you consider with me that what you believe, whether conscious or not, about ultimate power and the nature of your relationship to it forms a basic foundation for your consciousness; both your subconscious and conscious  thoughts and feelings.   Further that your actions are based on this foundation and comes from the interplay of your thought and your interaction with the world.

This teaching, the Science of Mind, provides direction for your consideration in answering these questions. Whether your starting place is a thoughtful mind or some event or action in your life that is puzzling, this teaching can provide a guide to finding answers for yourself.

We believe that God is not a Being as in the old man in the sky. It is not any culturally defined deity that behaves according to the norms and visions of any one religious or philosophical group. Rather that if God is anything, It is Beingness not a being. This starting place for understanding the “god-idea” recognizes the unity of spirituality and science in understanding where and what ultimate power is, and our part in it.  We refer to God, It, as the Thing Itself. This is based on ancient themes running through mystics of the past and modern quantum physics. Each tell us in their own language that the universe at base I made up of a singular power, concentrated into points of energy and information. That something, that energy, that power is within and operating through all the known universe. Since we are each part of that known universe, that ultimate power is operating in, though, and as each of us. This power, we call the Thing Itself One infinite, unified power can have nothing operating outside of Itself regardless of appearances. So we affirm, “God is all there is.” 

We will continue to explore this basic principle of New Thought over the coming weeks as we explore the theme “Root and Reboot.” Start by just repeating this affirmation regularly each day and see what ideas, events, and goodness you recognize unfolding in your life.