Judy Aehle, RScP, began attending the Atlanta Church of Religious Science in the early 1980’s when Dr. Kennedy Shultz was the minister. After taking classes under Dr. Shultz she received her Practitioner License and Ministerial License in the mid 1990’s. From her own personal experience she knows that the teaching of Religious Science can truly transform lives. She currently lives in the Candler Park neighborhood in Atlanta with her husband, Andy Weiskoff. She is retired from a career in education administration. She now spends her time traveling, attending yoga classes, reading, meditating, gardening and playing mahjong. Life is good!


Catherine Ellis, RScP. As a child, religion was sparse and seemed neither useful nor logical. Methodist Youth Fellowship introduced me to smoking at age 13. Tammy Faye Baker’s tears, the PTL club, and TV religion in general seemed mostly about asking for money. Dirty secrets were surfacing within Catholicism. Old Charlton Heston type bible movies added to these negative childhood impressions.

In high school and college, I connected with eastern philosophy and came to believe in a god of physics where energy is neither created nor destroyed. A friend introduced me to Religious Science in the late 80’s after the end of a too long, unhealthy relationship. That initial experience evolved into years of Sunday and Wednesday talks, but regrettably, no classes. The concept that people are created to be happy seemed logical.

About ten years later, my life was showing up like burnt popcorn with loved ones dying, my own cancer and career challenges. I paused. By early 2004, my life was a disaster. I realized I had a small idea of me and a small idea of god. I just wanted to be happier. I decided to become proactive about my spirituality. I co-formed a three person, weekly study group. I reengaged Religious Science with a vengeance including taking classes, sometimes two at a time. I learned to discern between constructive and destructive thoughts. Life got better and better, one thought at a time. I have become vigilant about my thoughts, my many spiritual practices, and my repeated choice to live in the present.


Mya Fuller, RScP,  has been a licensed practitioner with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2008. An avid traveler, dedicated life-long learner, wife and mother –  Mya mostly lives out of the country (in Kuwait!) with her husband, who works there on the US military base. Though she lives between continents, Mya is available to treat with you via email or phone, only a message away at [email protected].


Barbara Guillory, RScP, real estate agent, success coach, spiritual coach, community advocate has over 25 years of experience with corporate America through the telecom industry and over 25 as a real estate consultant. Barbara also co-founder of DownPaymeAcess, a startup that helps women, head of household, become homeowners and close the wealth gap in BIPOC. She has served in many leadership roles, which also includes board member, project management, fundraising and real estate investments working with builders/developers creating public-private partnerships...

Barbara has been a Religious Science practitioner for 30+ years..."It has been one of the most memorable highlights and accomplishments of my life...being able to understanding the Universal Laws and how to apply them in my life and others to live a life of wealth, health, love, prosperity, abundance and peace"

Barbara has served in numerous civic duties such as chairperson, fundraising, for numerous non-profit boards and committees. She has served as project consultant / coach / trainer for Children's Restoration Network, the UNCF Mayor's Masked Ball Committee, Morehouse’s Season for Non-Violence, homeless women and children shelters and other non-profits and business owners to create collaborative communication as a way to attain goals and success. Barbara is also a registered lobbyist and a community advocate for housing and entrepreneurship.


Lee "Huff" Huffman, RScP, has been a CSL Licensed Practitioner since the summer of 2014 and has been associated with Centers for Spiritual Living since 2008. Huff currently serves as the President CSL Midtown’s Board of Trustees. He has served as a Trustee from 2015 to 2019 and again from 2023 to today. He is here to serve our community in any way possible, especially through Spiritual Coaching and Affirmative Prayer (aka “Treatment”).

Huff lives in Duluth, GA and is originally from a small town in Indiana. He has lived in Oklahoma, Tennessee, Colorado, and California and has traveled to over 35 countries around the globe. He has two grown children. His son, Matthew, served as a US Marine, now lives in Auburn, Georgia. His daughter, Eliza, lives outside of Denver, Colorado. In high school, Eliza used Science of Mind principles and practices to become a full-time college student a full year before finishing high school in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

On the business side, Huff has a passion for developing business leaders that comes from over 5 decades of experience creating, developing, and selling over a dozen successful organizations as a serial entrepreneur and a Fortune 100 Executive. He is a co-author of two business books and as “The Business Catalyst”, develops and leads customized workshops and keynote presentations for business groups of 25 to 2,500. For over 2 decades, Huff has mentored and trained Business Owners, Executives, and Professionals one-on-one and in small groups and a Fractional CEO and Master Leadership Coach. Feel free to contact Lee by e-mail at [email protected].

NORMA J. ROBERTS, RScP: My intention in being a practitioner is in providing for the continuous full expression of unlimited spiritual and physical growth of this Center and its members. My background:
  • Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL.
  • Graduated from the University of South Florida with a Masters in Mathematics Education.
  • Worked in Pinellas County School System for more than 60 years: (as a school food service manager, 30 years as a middle school teacher, and 21 years as ABE/GED teacher).
  • In early 1968 began taking Science of Mind classes after weekly gatherings, for discussion, with friends and experiencing life changes and greater prosperity.
  • Became a licensed Practitioner for the Church of Religious Science in approximately 1997.

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