We are grateful that you chose to share in our Sunday Celebration. Your presence is a gift to us. As you may have heard during the celebration, we are a Center that honors and respects all spiritual paths recognizing truth wherever it appears. We recognize you as a Spiritual Being having a physical experience. Therefore we know you to be Divine, unique and special.

We are a welcoming Spiritual Community inspiring personal transformation and positive change in our lives and our world. Conceived as a teaching healing ministry, we are dedicated to learning and living the Science of Mind. As a consciously intentional community of individuals, our collective intentions are:

  • To love by recognizing, experiencing and connecting with the Divinity in all people, places and things.
  • To have everything we do be a celebration of Joy, reflecting the quality and Power of this Teaching (The Science of Mind).
  • To embody experience, and express rich lavish abundance in all areas.
  • To deepen spiritual practice.
  • To be in service to our Center, community and world, freely sharing our unique gifts.
  • In addition to the Sunday Celebration, we offer a wide range of classes, workshops, healing opportunities and counseling. We also offer events to the larger community.

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Again, welcome to CSL-Midtown and please call on us when we may be of service to you.

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