Rembering Who I AM

Recently, it came to my attention that amidst the chaos in the world, I had lost sight of where the true power of my life lies. It doesn’t reside in my response to political games, or the tragedies inflicted by one person upon another. Nor does it depend on unraveling financial complexities for myself and others. Seeking solutions on the surface level of circumstances is not the answer. Instead, the real power of living well lies in the attention I give to my own consciousness and beliefs.

If I allow circumstances to dictate my thoughts about the world or my situation in it, I inadvertently perpetuate and participate in the “troubles I see,” rather than finding solutions for myself. The golden key to life, according to Emmet Fox is not to dwell on the problem but to “think about God.”

 Personally, I would phrase it differently: consider the problem from the perspective of God or the One Power, rather than getting entangled in the narrowness of the situation. While a troubling situation can consume our attention and convince us that it’s the sole reality, there is a better way. I think of the Biblical quote, “I lift my eyes unto the hills. From whence cometh my help?” Emma Curtis Hopkins, the teacher of teachers, encouraged us to “look up.” … teaches that we should physically start by looking up and observe how our feelings and attitudes change. Metaphorically and metaphysically, we should strive for a higher and broader perspective.

Begin your inner dialogue with the idea that there is One Power from which everything—every event, every situation—is created. This One Power for Good is available to everyone, and we can harness it. As this Power is omnipresent, existing within and as everything, the Good News is that it also resides within me.

The same Power that orchestrates the movement of galaxies and celestial bodies circulates as my prosperity and flow. Since this creative power permeates every cubic centimeter of space within and around me, its movement is activated by my thoughts and desires for good, both personally and for the world. This knowledge inspires me to a heightened awareness of my potential for freedom, power, and love.

I am no longer governed by others’ opinions or comments about myself, life, or the state of the world. While I acknowledge that unfortunate events occur in people’s lives and affect the environment, I also understand that there is a better way. I am elevated to a higher way of perceiving and knowing that greater good is being birthed from every event and situation. By choosing to view from this elevated perspective, I set the course for the Cosmic Creative Power present in every cubic centimeter of space, directing it towards that greater good.

This renders my fears, concerns, and victimhood powerless and void. They no longer hold the ability to be recreated in my mind, and consequently, they lack the power to reappear in my life.

Instead, I confidently embrace the freedom and compassion that come from knowing that I dwell in this creative universal power or energy every moment. As I shift my attention to what I choose to experience as my life, it manifests—either immediately or as soon as I wholeheartedly believe and recognize it in my thoughts.

Holy moly, what more is there than gratitude for this awareness, for life itself, and for the freedom to chart my own course, supported entirely by the Universe? I am grateful that I am no longer confined to reacting to life’s circumstances. Gratitude empowers me to create my own responses, shaped by my beliefs.

As gratitude floods my being, I can simply let go and proceed with my day, doing what is mine to do, guided by the truth of my knowing and my essence. And that is that.

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Dr Bob Deen