Share it, Fair it, Do Take a Piece of My Pie

Recently we have celebrated the idea of prosperity. We learned how to receive it and accept it,  and now we must also learn to release it. This is a natural process that we do with everything else such as air, love, food and the same process is true for prosperity. As we open to this Infinite Source, we must learn to receive, to assimilate, and to release – all in a healthy balance and with a consciousness of trust. 

Here’s how: 

The first phase is to accept the good and to understand the Infinite good. Some of us feel guilt around accepting gifts and blessings but what we must remember is that our receiving doesn’t take from anyone else. The universe is an infinite flow, not a finite pie. We must also know that the universe does not run dry and no matter what we do, we never limit the abundance that the universe shares with us. We can limit our experience with it, but it is never limited.

The second phase of experiencing healthy flow is assimilation. When we breathe, we keep some of the air. When we eat, we retain some of the food. Some people have an experience where everything that comes in, flows right on out. We deserve and need to retain some. The labels for this are things like savings and investments. If we don’t value ourselves or don’t value money, we will get rid of it as quickly as it comes in. If it comes through a channel we don’t like or value, our resistance to the channel will show up as money rushing out our door. In the model of flow, think of a rushing stream pouring into a lake. The lake provides life energy for its surroundings – trees on the shore, fish below the surface and birds and animals above. It spreads its moisture out to benefit the region. That is why it is said that we should share 10 percent of our income for savings and investment. That way we are able to grow and work rather than working for it all the time. 

The final phase is release. This phase might look like resentment for many of us. For example, every time we pay our bills we might think, “am I really releasing this much?” But know that it is a natural phase within this process. When you’re releasing from an Infinite Source into an Infinite Source, nothing can be lost or lacking. Only as we cut ourselves off can we experience the illusion of not enough. 

When we spend, we must be grateful for what we’re receiving in exchange. Everything is in the process of giving, retaining, and releasing. If we’re experiencing flow difficulties, it may be time to remember this divine flow. This week, bring Everyday Wonder to the three aspects of Flow in your life. If you’re having difficulties releasing, remember that this flow is never restricted, you just have to be open to it!