Embrace the Good in All Things

In life we encounter creepy crawlies that come into our lives and catch our attention and wake us up. This might be spiders, bugs or snakes. Think about when we see something that we are afraid of. What do we do? It makes us want to run back inside to avoid these species we are afraid of.

The truth is though, life is made up of creepy crawlies. What is a creepy crawly that shows up in your life? For many people, it’s health. When someone’s health is declining we are focused on that situation, constantly wondering if they’re okay or if they are going to be okay, and it steals our joy. Many times, we’re not even aware of our creepy crawlies – they don’t show up until we shine a light on them. This includes things like choices. We all have choices but can it be said that choices are something we don’t like to have too many of? Choices can be terrifying because many times choices lead to fear. How many times have you been fearful that you’re not making the right choice? Right behind choice comes fear, and fear often follows freedom.

So if we keep running into these creepy crawlies in life, how do we manage fear? When we make a choice, the spirit says “yes.” Spirit says yes to all choices, even to choices that are motivated by fear. The key is to embrace those fears so that the fear does not become a creepy crawly. Every choice you make guides you to a spiritual yes, which guides you to the next big thing in life. The next good thing is always right there, ready to go, behind a yes. 

Fear is not a bad thing. In fact, fear gives us signals that something is happening and could get out of hand. Fear guides us to our next greater good. When we have too much fear and allow it to consume our lives, that is when fear becomes problematic. 

The creepy crawlies in our lives and in nature are there to push us beyond comfort and help us grow. They guide us into a greater way of knowing, speaking and believing. If we didn’t have these creepy crawlies in life or if we avoided them all the time, we wouldn’t be able to grow and experience the next good thing in life. 

Everything in life is good. There is a consciousness that you move and walk in that is so much bigger than your physical being. Whatever your creepy crawlies in life are, embrace them and do not be afraid because they are there to guide you, teach you and bring you to your next good thing.