Dr. Bob Deen

Your Inner Light

The term “inner light” is often used to describe an individual’s inner essence, wisdom, or spiritual illumination. It is a concept found in various philosophical and spiritual traditions, encompassing different meanings depending on the context. In many spiritual belief systems, the concept of inner light represents the divine or spiritual essence within each person within

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Meditation of Love

Our Founder Dr. Ernest Holmes spoke of love in this meditation.  Since God is Love, and God is All in All, Love must be the underlying Principle of life, and therefore in all. This Life is my life. This Love I am. It is the very essence of my being. I know that Love is

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It’s that time of the year when families reconnect and travel home for the holidays. But what if home isn’t that warm and fuzzy place you look forward to traveling to? For many people, this is the case. Not everyone looks forward to going home for the holidays. Sometimes “home” is the place that breaks

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