Money, So They Say

It’s been said that money makes the world go round. Money does not make the world go round, but what does is the infinite consciousness. Money is important and it is an exchange in value that is necessary but it does not make or break who we are. 

So much of our trauma around money is based in myths and false beliefs. Our beliefs create our experience of life in this world. If our conduit is clogged with beliefs that block the flow of Good to us, we experience poverty, lack and limitation. 

Louise Hay said, “You can’t clean your house if you can’t see the dirt.” We don’t have to wallow around in the dirt – just see it and release it with statements of Truth. Let’s clean house! 

Here are the three myths that block the flow of money to us:

Myth 1: If you are really spiritual you are poor or are going to be poor. This false belief goes back to our first great spiritual teachers. Jesus is the classic example in culture. People believed Jesus was poor but he wasn’t. Jesus had a bookkeeper, which you don’t need unless you have money. He wore a seamless robe, mixed with rich and poor alike and was supported by the women to whom he preached. The Buddha was also wealthy but rejected both extreme wealth and extreme poverty. We can see by these two examples that you can be both spiritual and wealthy. 

Myth 2: Debt and loss. Many of us experience debt and loss but what many of us don’t realize is there can be no debt or loss within an infinite universe. Nothing is ever lost in the Universe. If we stay open to the Infinite Flow, we will experience the ever- presence of Opulence in the Universe.

Myth 3: Shame and fitting in. Some of us were raised in a shame based home, school, church or culture that carries shame around things like money or sex. Some of us might even feel that if we are more successful than those who raised us, we would be considered disloyal to our friends and family so we limit ourselves from the Flow of money. 

These three points are all myths that block the flow of the infinite. Money is a form of divine energy. We don’t need to feel ashamed about our interaction with it. We must also recognize that we live within a constant flow of the Divine quality of wealth in all its many forms. 

As we bring the mindset of Everyday Wonder – “kind attention” and curiosity – to our relationship with money, it will, like any relationship, blossom. 

Over the next week, become aware of your thoughts about money as you handle it. Notice if you hear the ghosts of old myths haunting the house of your mind. Be a ghost-buster and send them packing. Replace them with friendly, supportive, expansive thoughts.