The Center for Spiritual Living Midtown has several practitioners who are trained in the art and science of spiritual mind treatment (prayer) using Science of Mind principles and active listening. Licensed by Centers for Spiritual Living after a minimum 3 years of intensive study and training, Practitioners enhance individual spiritual growth through private sessions, workshops, prayer support, and life celebrations such as memorial and funeral services. Whenever you are experiencing dis-comfort, dis-orientation or dis-ease, physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually, it’s time to seek out a practitioner. They have demonstrated tangible results using the creative power through formalized case studies and can help you clarify your thinking and thus aid you in aligning and manifesting what you desire. Fees for this service, when consultations are involved, are left to the discretion of the individual practitioner, however, nobody will be turned away due to lack of funds.

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To submit a confidential treatment/prayer request or for Practitioner contact, please complete our treatment request form. Your request will be given to one of CSLMidtown's Practitioners for treatment work.