Expect Your Good!

What a remarkable era we’re living in; a great time to be alive! Our world
has transformed into a global community where everything and everyone is
just a click away. The power of the internet has made it possible to connect
with people and places worldwide. However, it’s not all sunshine and
rainbows. Social media constantly competes for our attention, often
resorting to sensationalism and fear-inducing stories because, let’s face it,
it grabs our focus. We’ve become adept at predicting everything from
weather and economic trends to our own health and even the gender of
unborn babies.
Our world is far from simple, and for many, it’s a source of anxiety. Yet, our
brains and bodies have evolved over millions of years to keep us safe
when danger lurks. We’ve developed a rapid response system that triggers
our endocrine system to prepare for action. We create mental images of
potential threats based on the information we have, whether it’s accurate or
not. This innate instinct has been invaluable throughout human history. But
in a world where change, destruction, and the creation of new realities
happen at an astonishing pace, our old ways of adaptation may not suffice
to keep us from turning on each other and harming the environment we call
home. It’s time for a new approach, a new mindset.
That new approach? “Expect Your Good.” We need to train both our minds
and bodies to recognize and anticipate the positive in our lives, rather than
fixating on potential dangers. It’s about rewiring our thought patterns and
telling ourselves new stories about change. We must embrace the power
and value of living in the present moment, rather than postponing our
happiness to an indefinite “someday.”
Throughout this month, we will explore this concept in depth, engaging you
in the learning process. I invite you to take the leap and join us on Sundays
for the Celebration, followed by lively discussions on Zoom. Together, we
can shape a future where we “Expect Our Good” and create a world filled
with positivity and promise.