Home… We end the “hero’s journey” where we began. As human beings, we come into this world as perfect, whole, complete beings. As many of us know, there are many times where we don’t feel perfect, whole or complete. That is because throughout the journey of life we encounter danger and misfortune, steering us away from Spirit. At one point or another, we all lose our way but the heroes are the ones who make their way back to Oneness, discovering their true selves. 

Once we recognize that truth, we can be at home wherever we may go. We so embody Oneness that others are at home in our presence.That lets us empower others to remember what it is to be at home and to be the heroes of their own journeys. 

The final part of The Hero’s Journey is the return home. The person who returns home from the journey is very different from the one who left. The hero is one who found the courage to set out on the journey— transcending false limitations—in order to return to the essence of being. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. The journey isn’t about becoming someone else. It’s about being the best possible version of ourselves that we can be … psychologically and spiritually mature adults.

So, what does it mean to be a psychologically and spiritually mature adult? First, one must be courageous enough to face the uncomfortable fears that come with discovering one’s true self.

Second, one must not have a victim mindset. Those with a victim mindset don’t take accountability and continue to shift the blame on someone else. Rather than being a victim, they take responsibility and work to find a solution. 

Third, they are able to walk away from things that no longer serve them. Spiritually mature adults are not attached to possessions, positions, views or opinions. They understand peace of mind is more valuable than being right. 

Lastly, mature adults know and understand that they are a part of a greater whole – it is not just them out here in the world. 

The hero returns home with insight, wisdom, and power gathered from the journey that is meant to be shared. The mature adult recognizes life is a gift and lives purposefully, with a commitment to serve a greater good. He or she lives with an awareness of the interconnectedness of Life and Love as the source and substance of that connection. 

Our dream home is a place where we can be our full, true, authentic selves. It’s a place of unconditional love and acceptance, where forgiveness is unnecessary because there is no harm, blame or shame. It’s comfortable and familiar and a place of sanctuary where we can rest, rejuvenate and re-create. We all have the power to create our dream home!