Let it Flow

So often as participants of life we are standing under this great waterfall of prosperity. We stand there with a little teacup waiting for it to fill up. Picture yourself under a real waterfall with a teacup. There would be so much water that you would miss by just filling up that tiny teacup. You would need something bigger, like a bucket.

Now apply that image of the waterfall as prosperity. There is such a strong flow of abundance and prosperity, yet so many of us are missing out on it. So how do we allow ourselves to open up to a bigger bucket rather than just a teacup?

We start by building bigger buckets in consciousness so that we expand things into a greater way of experiencing life. It starts by welcoming prosperity. Many of us feel we are undeserving of abundance and prosperity so we close ourselves off to it. Once we open our minds we’ll start to see that this flow of abundance and prosperity is already there within us. We are also limited in prosperity by this belief that we have to earn it. Prosperity is not earned, it comes because we believe in ourselves as prosperous beings. 

You have probably heard of the law of attraction. What you think you deserve you will start to attract, which does work sometimes but there is something beyond the law of attraction, which is the law of radiation. Rather than attracting things to you, we need to expand our minds to radiate what is already there within us. The abundance is already around us. We just have to clear the circuits to open ourselves up so we can experience prosperity in our individual lives. 

If you’re feeling stuck in prosperity, try going to a place that will stretch your idea of what you can do and what you’re capable of. Walking into a store for instance where you might not be able to afford anything now. You might not be able to afford it at this moment but just by walking in and around the store you can begin to feel what it feels like and become comfortable with a bigger expression of prosperity. 

The abundance of prosperity is all around us. We just need to learn to be open to bigger buckets and ready for prosperity to come our way. Unlearn your wisdom of the world if you have to. Unlearn that wisdom that tells you you are separate from love, abundance and prosperity. Once you have this bigger bucket, be ready for prosperity to flow.