A Letter to Members of CSL Midtown

Dear Members and Friends of Centers for Spiritual Living Midtown,
As I embark on the journey of stepping back from my role in leading the Center for
Spiritual Living Midtown, I’m filled with a range of emotions. There’s a sense of sadness
associated with bidding farewell to this cherished relationship with all of you. I will
deeply miss those individuals with whom I’ve collaborated closely. There’s also a sense
of attachment to the center itself, with all our shared dreams, plans, and the anticipated
positive impact on our community in the days ahead. Change often brings a tinge of
sorrow as it necessitates letting go of what was, making space for what is yet to come.
However, I’m genuinely excited about the new adventures that await me as I step into
the next phase of my life. In November and December, my plans include exploring the
West Coast, couch-surfing, and making use of a borrowed camper van to reconnect
with friends and rejuvenate my spirit.
We find ourselves in a new era for Spiritual Communities. In the days ahead, you’ll
discover what works best and what doesn’t. You may need to let go of certain practices
that have served you well and embrace new ones you might never have imagined.
Remember the abrupt transition to online services and celebrations back in March
2020? While the circumstances may not be as extreme now, this new “hybrid culture” is
still evolving rapidly. It’s a time filled with excitement, novelty, and adventure for us all.
Just as I feel a calling to spend more time nurturing my inner connection, engaging in
spiritual practice, and seeking guidance as I enter this new chapter, I believe that the
leadership and community of the Center for Spiritual Living Midtown will be called to do
the same. Just as I’m reaching out to both old friends and new acquaintances for
support and a sense of community during this period of self-renewal, you too will find
solace and strength in reaching out to one another for support and community,
especially now.
As the pieces fall into place seamlessly for my next chapter, it’s heartening to witness
your Transition Team, Practitioners, and Board coming together to care for the
community’s journey into this new adventure.
If you’d like to keep up with my adventures, you can follow me on my personal
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/rdeen3

More later,