Reflections on Root and Reboot

Root and Reboot was the theme for January 2023. As the month went by very quickly, I prepared talks and delved into my own self-awareness of my thoughts about these ideas. One thing that kept nudging me from what quiet voice within. It was a constant question, “do you really still believe this?” My quick answer was of course I do. I have been teaching it for twenty plus years.

However, I have learned that when an inner question just keeps bugging me, I should take time to really pay attention lest the quiet inner voice start shouting at me from my world in some unpleasant way.

So, I did just that. To my surprise as I contemplated the effects of COVID against the ideas of Truth I have been speaking, several things came to mind that may have been influencing my thought and beliefs about what is really possible. You may have had similar thoughts so I am sharing my list now for whatever value you may gain from it.

  1. Restricted choices and freedoms which I had no control over, seemingly.
  2. Growing fear, activated by an invisible new virus that could be coming from anywhere and was killing people.
  3. With age begin a factor in the seriousness of the disease, my own internalized ageism reared it ugly head.

There are likely more insidious doubts that were creeping into my consciousness.

As is always the case, becoming aware of our limiting ideas always gives us the direction for knowing a greater truth.

  1. I chose to stay in and follow the guidelines given to us, partly out of fear, and partly out of knowing that something greater was afoot. Chaos and confusion are always the beginning of the emergence of something better. This Great Pause, as some have called it, provided so many people with the opportunity to have a quieter and more introspective life. There were definite benefits. This does not deny the terrible cost and pain that the pandemic brought on. However, it in no way restricts or deny’s the Reality that we are Spiritual Beings living in a physical world with an environment that is radically changing. We must allow our physical selves to accommodate as if we choose to remain in this form at this time.
  2. There is nothing in the world that is or can be against me. If I believe in something against me, there will be plenty to show up in my life to support my belief. However, everything is a creation by one single source from a single substance. It is all for me and in some way leads to my highest and greatest good.
  3. As Spiritual Beings we do not age, not in our true essence. Our bodies may show the wear and tear of time lived circling the sun. However, age to ourselves is only as real as we make it. Perhaps what we call aging is really simply the beginnings of our completion of our time in this form and the beginnings of our withdrawing our energy and life force from this body, withdrawing in the sense of transitioning elsewhere and to very different plains of existence. There is nothing to fear here.

Consequently, the theme from last month did its job. We collectively looked at our Roots. The idea of One God, One Universal Power in which we all live move and have our being. This Wonderful Power works for us by working through us. It gives us life and everything required to live life fully and freely. We can use this power by establishing intentions of greater good and seeing those intentions take form and solid shape in our immediate worlds.

So do I really believe the root ideas in this month’s talks? You bet I do. The deeper contemplation was valuable to help clarify the wobbles. It helped me course correct on some important areas of my life. I trust you have used it for your own deepening faith and course correction.

Spiritual Mind Treatment: Take this for yourself if you so choose.

There is only One Power, One Life, One Universal Intelligence. It is creating everything out of Itself and nothing else. So the stuff of stars and universes is the same stuff I am made of. My life moves forward with ease and grace regardless of what is happening in the world around me or in the physical world of my body. My freedom is complete. My love is unconditional. My day to day unfolds with increasing goodness in all areas of my life. For this I am grateful. And So It Is.