Meditation of Love

Our Founder Dr. Ernest Holmes spoke of love in this meditation. 

Since God is Love, and God is All in All, Love must be the underlying Principle of life, and therefore in all. This Life is my life. This Love I am. It is the very essence of my being.

I know that Love is harmony and peace and joy. In it is all good, all that is true, all that is beautiful. It is perfect balance, perfect poise.

Love heals everything, every imperfection of mind or body or environment. Love overcomes hatred, anger, envy, criticism. Where Love is there is no room for any negative emotion. Love is the Great Adjuster.

I empty my mind and heart of all but Love. I let Love express in me, through me, and flow out into my world of thought and action.

I AM Love.

I AM Love—that is harmony,

I AM Love—that is peace,

I AM Love—that is joy,

I AM Love—that is freedom,

I AM Love—that is wisdom,

I AM that Love that is in all.


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