Creating Vibrant Health

Health is a primary concern these days for so many people. Covid along with other challenges have bought the worlds attention to illness, death, and how to prevent them. In truth there is no death but there can be an experience of illness and physical transition to another plane of existence.

Rather than a “war against covid” or any other virus or element of our world, let us focus our attention on Creating and Maintaining Vibrant health regardless of what is going on in the world around us.  Vibrant Heath has nothing to do with thoughts of disease or trying to eliminate disease.

Vibrant Health is the matter of “putting our minds at ease by accepting and believing only in ideas of ourselves as whole, precious, and deserving of wholeness.” (J Kennedy Shultz, You are the Power)

This is not a matter of pretending that whatever our current situation with illness happens to be does not exist. Rather it is about establishing in consciousness of knowing that whatever is happening on our physical experience, at our core and at the level of Spirit and Truth we are whole; nothing missing nothing broken. 

We are spiritual beings having all sorts of physical experiences none of which can limit or detract from who we truly are. Knowing this establishes Vibrant Health in our consciousness and our bodies are sure to follow.

Since the Lord of the Rings movies, calling someone “precious” has taken on a kind of sarcastic meaning. However, seeing oneself as precious, valuable, and beloved supports the belief in our wholeness. Too often people do not speak or think kindly of themselves or their bodies. Rather they criticize, berate, and speak to themselves in ways that they would never speak to anyone else. This is comparable to expecting your car to last a long time and take through your days, while putting water in the gas tank, sand in the transmission, and cursing it every time it doesn’t start.  Knowing you are precious, valuable and beloved, motivates you to take better care of yourself. To care for your body on the physical level of life just check out YouTube and look for Maintain health. Let those experts teach us about the care and feeding of our bodies.

The Science of Mind teaches us how to care for our hearts and minds to establish a consciousness of Vibrant Health that radiates out from us into our physical world, to others, and to our bodies.