Your Inner Light

The term “inner light” is often used to describe an individual’s inner essence, wisdom, or spiritual illumination. It is a concept found in various philosophical and spiritual traditions, encompassing different meanings depending on the context.

In many spiritual belief systems, the concept of inner light represents the divine or spiritual essence within each person within you. It symbolizes an inner source of wisdom, truth, and guidance. By connecting with this inner light, you can access higher consciousness, intuition, and a deeper understanding of yourself and the world around you. It is associated with qualities such as love, compassion, peace, and enlightenment.

The inner light can also refer to your inherent wisdom and authenticity. It represents the spark of insight, clarity, and discernment that guides your thoughts, actions, and decision-making processes. It is the inner voice that helps you navigate life’s challenges, make choices aligned with your values, and live authentically.

Your inner light is always present regardless of your feelings or challenges at any given moment. Its radiant energy emits more brightly when you are aligned with your true self, passions, and purpose. This inner glow that shines through when you are engaged in activities that bring joy, fulfillment, and a sense of meaning.

The reality of this inner light is revealed as physical light, that is generated by the human body.  Although this bioluminescence is of low frequency and not usually visible to the human eye, it is a natural phenomenon.  It is part of the multisensory perception of the energy and presence of people in our proximity. It can stimulate the sense of wellbeing and joy of being together.

The Master Teacher Jesus said that “you are the light of the world.” Indeed, you are. Knowing that can fuel your compassion, self-confidence, and clarity that you are loved in all that you do.