Loving This Body

We’ve often heard we are spiritual beings that have physical experiences, which is only half true. We’ve also heard we’re physical beings that have spiritual experiences, which is also half true. But the real, full truth is that we are spiritual beings, having spiritual experiences and we are human beings that are having a human experience. This all might sound contradictory but these are not contradictions – they are a paradox. A paradox is two truths that stand side-by-side seeming to be contradictory, but  both statements are true and real. It is true that we are fully spiritual beings and fully human beings. 

Further truth:  the more spiritually focused we are, the more human we are. The more humanity embraces us, the more we are embraced in a way that is powerful, true and real in our approach with others. 

We all have time we consider our own “space.” Whether that is your prayer time, exercise time, a soccer game, etc. Although this feels like our space, all space is sacred space. Everyday life is sacred and holy. We try to separate so much of our lives, but what many people don’t realize is that our everyday lives are one. We are all in this oneness of this higher power at all times. 

With that, our bodies are also a part of this oneness. This is why our bodies naturally heal. Think about the healing process of the body – say for instance you cut your hand. Over time, your body naturally heals the cut to have the hand come together as one again. If you break a bone that bone heals as one eventually. With our natural ability to heal, we can understand that our bodies are all perfect and there is something within us that cannot be broken. We are all external beings. No matter what we go through, whether it’s good or bad, all of these experiences bring us to the next chapter in our lives as we embrace the spirit of highway power within us. 

So how does one learn to love their body? One of the biggest steps for me to love my body was to look in the mirror and say “ Bob, I love, accept and approve you.” It seems silly, but you don’t know how powerful those words are until you say them out loud. In fact, when I did this exercise for the first time I was driving in the car and remember looking in my rearview mirror and telling myself those words and nearly drove off the road because I became so emotional hearing that for the first time.

That statement is so powerful because it brings to the surface all of the things that were contradictory to that statement. When you do this, you get rid of the misinterpretations and distorted ideas about your body and it reminds you of the true function of your body. Your body is a beautiful thing. Your body is what keeps you anchored in time and space and allows you to move through life. You are who you are today because of millions of years of evolution bringing you to this point and your body is an expression of that. 

So often, we see the body as an amazing, incredible thing. Sometimes, we even idolize and worship other people’s bodies, but not our own. We’ve allowed images from the world around us to tell us that we don’t have the right body. We tell ourselves that bodies are great, with the exception of our own. But the truth is, any time we set ourselves apart and believe we are an exception, this becomes an arrogant thought. It’s arrogant because if you were an exception to the natural law, you wouldn’t be here. God would not have put you here in this time and space. 

So how could you do anything except love the body that you’re in? After all, it is your body that allows you to walk through this life and connect with other human beings in this time and space.  I invite you to know that you are the infinite being, something unique and special and your body is an expression of that!