Welcome to the Temple

These days, it is so easy to compare our bodies to those that we see on screens – whether that is the television, social media or online somewhere. Regardless of what we see and think of other bodies, what is true is that we don’t have the power to live in those bodies. Your body is completely and intimately yours. We only get the one that we are in and we only have the power to live in that one body.  We get the joy and freedom of loving that body. 

You may have received messages from others about your body. For instance, growing up I was always told I was too tall because most of my family was shorter than me. The world will tell us our bodies are “too much” of something. Too tall, too short, too skinny, too fat, but this is not the truth. Our bodies are all good and unique. 

Learning to love our bodies is really important. While living in California I went to a hot spring where clothing was optional. It took me several days to join the clothing optional crowd. After seeing every different kind of body, I thought, “this is beautiful.”  It took a little while, and then I got right out there with the rest of them. It was then that I discovered — for the first time in my life — that I can love this body I am in. When this finally sinks in, you’ll feel the beauty and power of embracing what is going on in your physical self in a different way. By loving it and respecting it, we come to understand a whole lot more about our relationship with the infinite and the universe. 

In this world we live in, part of the wonderful thing about being in the infinite is our bodies are not our bodies. Saying “my body”  implies it is different from the rest of you. But your body is really just a physical expression of who you are. Your mind, body and spirit are unique and all connected. 

Our expressions can tell us something about ourselves. There are things that can happen to us physically that are caused by emotions going on in our lives. Years ago I had a blockage in my heart and around that time I was going through problems in my relationships. Think about the possible connections between symptoms and certain things in consciousness. Have you ever experienced physical symptoms and later found out your consciousness was trying to tell you something? This goes to show that our bodies and our spirit are all one. 

Zach Bush, a specialist in medicine and ecology, shared the idea that your body is not my body and my body is not yours. He looks at the entirety of consciousness from the standpoint of oneness and he has some fascinating thoughts on how things have gone the past two years. He says episodes of viral infections in lungs come in the year following major volcanic eruptions around the planet. When viruses get going they affect the lungs because the air has changed. He is the one who says our bodies are individual versions of this great ecology and universe. Science also states that our bodies aren’t solid — that we are empty space. The idea is we are more empty than we are solid because the molecules within us are just energy held in relationship with what appears to be solid. 

The whole universe is inside of us. Think about this –  we have two eyes – each eye has 130 million photoreceptor cells. In each one of those cells, there are 100 trillion atoms — more than all the stars in the Milky Way galaxy. However, each atom in each cell in each eye formed in the core of a star, billions of years ago —  all to expand the consciousness that is you. 

The universe has an interesting sense of irony in that you are the universe experiencing itself – all you are is a thought. You are the universe experiencing itself when you look at each other. We are the infinite relating to itself. In everyday life it might not seem like a big deal but in terms of valuing ourselves, that is powerful. You are your body, you are your spirit and you are your consciousness. You are the individuation of the infinite power, you are unique, different, intelligent, absolute truth, divine. So as we go forward, spend time thinking about this whole business of loving your body just as it is because it is an expression of the divine.