Low Tide or High Tide?

Let’s look into the ways our emotions impact the world and how we can channel our emotions and the love from the universe to love others and make the world a better place.  

The violent Uvalde shooting last week was a massacre that touched all of our hearts as we mourn the loss of innocent, precious lives. From this tragedy, we can see how the loss of control over emotions can take a turn for the worst and not only impact ourselves, but the world around us. 

When we have so much anger built up inside of us, it has nowhere to go so it either moves inward towards us or pushes out externally to be angry with the world around us. In instances like the Uvalde shooting, that pushes hate towards others. Can you imagine how much hurt and pain someone is feeling to take the lives of innocent children? When no one is responding to our hurt and pain, we feel as if we are losing control or power. And the only power left is to exalt this hurt onto others. By no means is this excusable, but this goes to show that the world needs more love. Love wins.  

The outward reflection of what is happening in our country is an inward reflection of what is going on in the mass humanity of our country. The emotions that we’ve been talking about — fear and anger — are showing up in our world today.

So, how can we fix this? The truth is, it starts with us. Each and every one of us has to look at and change ourselves. When you look at yourself in the mirror and are unhappy with what you see, you don’t go and get a new mirror. Instead, you change what you see in the mirror. We must do the same in our world. If we don’t like the emotions that we are feeling, we must look within and find the places where we can change how we feel. 

It is time to become aware of who we really are. Not who the media tells us who we are, not what our religion tells us about who we are and not who our families say we are, but who we really are on a deeper, spiritual level. We are part of a unified field of energy and information —  there is a love for all of us within that universe. When we are unaware of this love and aren’t in touch with the universe, we lose that power and all control of our emotions. 

Rumi says this: “Do not feel lonely. The whole universe is inside you. Stop acting small. You are the universe in motion. Set your life on fire. See those who fan the flames.”

At some point, we all have felt lost and maybe even unloved. But what we need to remember is that there is a whole universe inside us that loves us deeply. We need to get fired up about that love and that universe within us, exude that positive energy and show love towards others. 

Our world revolves around algorithms these days and if we’re not careful, we can get caught up in these algorithms and believe they are the truth of the world. What we know is that those algorithms are not the truth of the world – all the evil things that we hear on the news these days are not the truth. We need to remember that although every place in the world does not have safety and protection, most of the world does and that is because there is more love in the world than hate – and love wins. Love triumphs over ALL. 

In the Book of Joy written by the Dalai Lama, we find the quote, “The way through sadness and grief that comes from great loss is to use it as motivation and generate a deeper sense of purpose.”

When we experience grief and sadness, we can use those emotions as motivation to love others deeply. 

Think about the things that have happened in your life where there was great loss and how you were motivated after that. Use those feelings of grief to love others. Listen to what your heart says as a result of embracing who you really are. You’re more than your history, your family history; you are divine, having a spiritual experience in time and space and that’s a big idea but not too big for us to embrace. Love wins but it’s got to start with your love for yourself. We can only love others as much as we love ourselves.