The One Body

What I find interesting is that the themes for each month have been planned out months in advance, but each message is relative to what we are experiencing at this moment in time. Our theme for this month is “loving our body” and the theme for the year is “one body”. 

Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about how powerful and sacred physicality is in life. We’ve also talked about the ways we can love and care for our bodies, because after all, it is the one part of us that is completely ours. The body is the one thing in this world that is completely and intimately ours. Which is why so many of us find the recent ruling of the Supreme Court so contradictory. Why is it that women don’t have full freedom to choose things about their bodies that men do?  The structure of our government has impacted many people, both men and women. People all over the world are standing up and saying I thought this was my body, my freedom and my place. Which it still is and always will be. 

There is a phrase in the old testament that says, “some trust in chariots, some trust in horses but in my house, I trust in the Lord”. Today, this phrase can be translated to, “I trust infinite intelligence that has been creating life for ions and has carried us forward in evolution.” Right now, you are not just who your parents are, even though they created you. You are far more complex than that. The divine plan is a plan of freedom. There is no kind of bondage, limitation or lack that is God ordained. In fact, the universal thought is about greater freedom. We have more freedom now than ever in history and we are moving more towards that. It might take two steps forward and one step back, but this dance is continuing towards greater freedom. 

The natural law determines what works and what does not work and what doesn’t work determines growth. Growth does not happen backwards and life by nature is a life of growth. Natural law says your body is completely and entirely yours, regardless of what anyone says. 

The universe always says yes to those things to which you are aligned as being a greater expression of life and truth and does harm to no one. You might be wondering how is that so, when we are experiencing what we are experiencing now? Nearly 40 years ago, I determined the way I love and the choices I make for love are spirit- and life-given and I would exercise those regardless of what the law said. I loved partners that were gay and straight which, at the time,  meant that in other countries I could be put to death for loving the way I did. But I knew the spiritual law of life was supporting me in my growth to love greater and broader and the same is true for today – there will be setbacks but we are not victims of that —  because we stand fully and freely in the truth of the spiritual law that supports us towards a greater living. 

Our bodies are an expression of life and God and no one has the right to tell us how to use it. I choose to stand in these truths and invite you to consider these truths for yourself! I choose to support life and care for myself lovingly in my mind, body and spirit and in doing that I am honoring you to have the freedom to do the same thing. I choose to listen to the messages contained in my body.  

You may have experienced your body delivering messages. There was a time where I would go for my regular massage and the massage therapist would work on this one part of my shoulder and this one area had so much physical pain that it was almost like having an out-of-body experience. After experiencing this pain several times, I had a dream that someone was hitting me with a wooden rod. Once that dream came, the rest of my memory came with it and I remembered this happened to me in childhood. Once I remembered it, honored myself and let this experience go, I never had another physical reaction in that area again.

My body was saying there was something important to know about myself and to forget it. Once I acknowledged this message, the pain disappeared and I no longer had to be in pain for my body to tell me something. We’ve all experienced physical pain that we ignored and chose to push through. But when we ignore our body and these signs, all of a sudden there are parts of our body that don’t work as well as they should and it stops us and sets us back. Our bodies will deliver physical messages to tell us we are not getting enough of something or we’re not treating ourselves well. We must choose to listen and hear the message that our body is giving us.

If you’re feeling angry, hurt or victimized by what is going on in the world, I invite you to look to a higher power where there is greater truth, where natural law is the function of the land, not other laws. We may be experiencing some side trips, but we are working towards a higher, greater place of freedom and don’t forget that your body is your own personal freedom.