How to Have a Relationship with God

When I was younger, I had some apprehensions about the “G” word (God). It was my understanding that God was always watching. He was watching when I was with friends, seeing what I was doing on my own and knew every little thing and I always had this feeling that if I wasn’t perfect I wouldn’t be “accepted” into heaven. 

What I realize now is that God is so much more than I had thought. My mind shifted when I started talking and thinking about the Universal Presence.  God is so much more than a man in the sky. God is life itself and the energy of life that allows us to live here on earth every day. 

That power of God is within us because we are in it – it’s what we’re made of. So how do we have a relationship with what made us? 

Many of us know the answer but it is having a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself. This is not selfish or egotistical because everyone has to have that relationship. We all have many versions of ourselves. For me, there’s me when I’m walking around on my own, my unfiltered self, my speaking self, me as a little kid, the one that was loved and had freedom but also the little kid that was hurt and held back. We must have a loving relationship with all those different parts of ourselves.

Loving ourselves requires us to do what it takes to tap into the greater self within us. This happens through things like self reflection, meditation and journaling. Knowing ourselves is the first step in loving ourselves. 

Once we love ourselves, we are then able to have a strong relationship with God because he is our creator and what better way to have a relationship with the one that created us than to love what he created? God is within all of us and he is moving within us if we just listen!