You and I are We

Since the beginning of time, people have always questioned humanity. Years ago, people on earth wondered if we were all alone in the universe. They questioned, “Is there something greater out there than we are?” 

Many of the ancient schools came to the conclusion that there is a power. There IS something greater out there. A presence in the universe that responds to us when we respond and recognize it. This presence is a divine intelligence that lives and moves in all of us. This presence of a higher power has been with us since the very beginning and all of mankind has seen it and continues to have a relationship with it. It shows up in all of humanity and there are times where we feel it at our core – in relationships, with nature and in everything that we do. 

There are many people out there that do not feel connected to this universal spirit and they are afraid that they are all alone in this universe. In fact, you may have felt this way too before you found your connection to the universal spirit or maybe you even drifted away from it at one point. But those who are not connected are left wanting and searching for this divine connection. They feel that there is something always missing and it is that connection that they are looking for. They don’t recognize their own eternal connection because they don’t have a clear understanding of it and who they truly are. 

Earnest Holmes says “the spirit is both an over-dwelling and in-dwelling presence. We are immersed in it and it flows through us as our very life. Through intuition we perceive and directly reveal God. We do not have to borrow our light from another.”

We must come to a greater understanding of our relationship with spirit. As we come to a realization of the spirit within us, we can then freely let our light shine out into all of our relationships. We become beacons of love and truth. You and I are we and we are all a part of the ONE. 

No one is an island unto themselves. The philosophy of individualism does not create a world that works for everyone. If it was solely about ourselves we would not meet in communities as we do. We would be content to remain on our little islands of consciousness. We all know in a practical sense that we are interdependent on one another. 

The yin or yang does not exist alone. Jesus surrounded himself with disciples to feed the poor and heal the sick and help communities in any way that they could. The same goes for today. Each and every one of us contributes to society in some sort of way. We are always in a relationship with other people and life itself. Life is not about individuality – it’s about connections to others and the relationship we have with the universe. 

All of us are called to help others regardless of our race, religious views, or political affiliation. We are the ones that are made to help and serve others. The Center for Spiritual Living here in Midtown partners with several organizations to help our community. Every person we encounter is an opportunity to come into sacred relationships. 

Be careful how you live and show up for others — you might be the only compassion or affirmation that someone ever experiences. This one encounter could bring them closer to their connection with the universe. As we grow stronger in our relationship with our divine, we move outward in collaborations with others to help nurture and empower others to recognize their divinity. 

Jean Bell is a licensed practitioner, and author of the metaphysical children’s book, Brookie’s Adventure. Jean knows that all individuals are divine godlings and loves helping others to discover this truth for themselves.