The Mind-Body Connection

When we learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us, we flow through the oneness within the divine and we can experience a full, gentle authentic life. 

However, many of us lose sight of living within that oneness and let interrupting thoughts enter our mind. But how bad does it have to get before you’re willing to do something about it? The key to living a full, authentic life is to create a lifestyle that prioritizes this connection with the oneness within us – not just something we occasionally do on Sunday. 

You are not a mistake. No matter what anyone says, whether it was a parent, a friend, or anyone else. Your biological heredity is not your truth. What you’ve experienced in your past is not your truth. Once you become an adult, you create the life you want for yourself and your experiences just become a part of your story. Even if you are a survivor of something horrific, that was an experience, but not your truth. Hopefully, you turned that awful experience into a blessing by helping others who experienced something similar. Working on yourself heals out beyond you and your healing could help others. 

Stillpoint gathering helps explain why our horrible experiences do not define us. The stillpoint that is within all of us is a part of the divine that has never and will never be touched. This part of you has never experienced horrible situations such as divorce, addiction, depression, loneliness and this stillpoint is a perfection within all of us. 

The old school belief was that God was pleased with Jesus because he got baptized. The metaphysical interpretation is that we are all God’s offspring and what we are is God’s experience in the physical world. There might be people out there who are unhappy with you – maybe your boss, a friend, a family member but what really matters and what counts is your creator is happy you are here and the fact is that it is necessary that you are here. You’re here on purpose and you’re just as valuable as the sun, ocean, moon and the stars that the creator also placed in this time. 

There are some that did not make it through the pandemic. There are some that we lost to something other than the pandemic but all of us here in this moment have survived these difficult, trying times and we are all going to be on the other side of this transition that the entire world is experiencing. Our love is necessary to be on this other side. 

It’s important to realize that what is real cannot be changed, but what is unreal can be changed. The body we are wearing is an effect and it can be changed. The human body is not hardcore and it’s flexible. We can make the body better or we can make the body worse. Our bodies are a temporary manifestation. Think about if we get shot while walking….our bodies drop to the ground but that’s all that we lose. Our spirit continues walking and moving and that will never go away. 

The law of attraction says that if you put out negativity, you will attract negativity. On the contrary, if you put out happiness and positivity, positivity will come back to you. If you have a whole lot of negativity in your mind, it will reflect on you physically. You may have noticed how depression or anger affects you physically – bringing physical discomfort or pain into your life. This shows the exact connection between the body and the mind. 

So remember, we all have that stillpoint within us – that is perfect and can never be touched. And with that, we can all be at peace that no matter what goes on around us in our physical lives, on the inside, we are all perfectly made. 

Rev. Dr. John Karn is a licensed and ordained minister since 2015 with a Doctorate of Divinity and a Doctorate in Religious Studies. He’s a certified hospice chaplain, a religious science practitioner, an Animal Chaplain, and a member of the Emerson Theological Institute faculty.