Playing with Money

To allow God’s circulation, in the form of money, to happen in our life, we must love money – not in a fear-based, hoarding, clinging way but as we love all of God or the higher Power we believe in. We must release old beliefs and stories that have hampered this flow. Money is as spiritual as everything else and can show up in our lives when our consciousness is open to it. 

To make prosperity happen, we must embody prosperity. We can welcome prosperity by believing we are worthy and deserving of it. Think of deflecting compliments, for instance. Maybe someone tells you you look good one day, and you respond back with “oh, I don’t think so.” You’re deflecting the good that is coming your way. Money and prosperity work the same way: if we don’t open up and welcome it, it won’t come our way. 

Raymond Charles Barker says any repulsion about money hears you – why would money go where it is not loved? We have been culturally conditioned that money is the root of all evil and being penniless is next to Godliness. Many carry judgment, shame and guilt around money and we are trained not to talk about it, when in reality many of us want money and need it to survive. Money is simply a tool to circulate energy. As we free ourselves from the old beliefs and emotional conflicts that surround money in our culture and our families, we will develop a healthy relationship with money. 

Money and prosperity is an effect. It responds to consciousness, just as do our bodies and the world of our affairs. Money is only a symbol, one which we energize with our beliefs and feelings. As we realize that money is neither good nor bad, but just a tool for self expression, our beliefs and feelings calm down and align with truth. Once we realize that we are constantly immersed in the wealth that Spirit is and that Spirit never cuts us off, we become more trusting, more peaceful, and more gentle around the flow and circulation of money in our lives and in the world. Money becomes our friend. 

Money no longer needs to be a taboo topic.We don’t need to hide it, nor do we need to flaunt it. Once we become comfortable with the topic of money and welcome it into our lives, by the law of attraction we will begin to become prosperous!