Longing to Belong

Who are your people? When we meet new people, they ask who we belong to, who is our group or what connection we have to the community. Who do you belong to? What is your group/connection?

Sometimes we have difficulty with finding somewhere to belong. It is our nature to be part of something bigger than we are. From the time we are born, relationships and connections are in our DNA. So with that there is a longing to belong. As we grow we find places we belong (or don’t belong) and become satisfied with finding somewhere to belong. Whether it’s a spiritual group, religious group, a town you live in, you find places you belong. 

With time and as things change, you find you no longer belong and will seek somewhere new to belong. The truth though is that we belong wherever we are, we just have to recognize that it is within us to belong anywhere we go. 

The Science of Mind leads people into Wholeness. Wholeness is both an individual experience and the peace and wholeness that comes through the collective expression of Oneness. Being in community, creating an inviting space where not only the individual but the community flourishes, assists in creating a world that works for everyone. 

If you want a connection to a group, you have to show up. Sometimes we protect ourselves from the fear of rejection by saying “I don’t belong here,” and this fear causes us to stay away from others. This can be a way of continuing the delusion of separation. We isolate ourselves, to avoid the pain of anticipated rejection. We need to lean into our urge to belong, which calls us to be both vulnerable and transparent.

If you want to feel like you belong somewhere first you must acknowledge that you belong, by putting your hand over your heart and saying the words: “I belong.” Throughout this month. find someone, stop them and say, “I’m grateful you are here. You belong.”