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Everyday Mystic Class (6 weeks)

Six-Week Course
Wednesdays, Sept 14 through Oct 19
7 to 9:30 PM

Instructor: Dr. Bob Deen


  • $169

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Ever wonder what mysticism is all about?

Are you a mystic?
Does it require special knowledge or information to practice?
Can you develop a mystical awareness of the Divine?
We are all mystics whether we know i or not.

“This is a class in which you will be invited to participate in mystical awareness and experiences. It is not so much learning about mysticism but engaging personally in the mystical.”

This is for you if:

  • You know there is more to life that what you detect with you five senses.
  • You are curious about the guidance you can receive from your intuitive knowing?
  • If mysticism as always seemed to be only for special people.
  • If you are open and curious.

This is not for you if:

  • You are looking for a class about the various systems of mystical thought and which one may be more correct.
  • If you are not open to new experiences and possibilities
  • If you are already lock into a particular religious system or belief
  • If you are closed to the idea that the Life as the Divine is available to you.


Required Book

The Everyday Mystic, by Theresa Joseph

The weekly assignments will be based on the constituency of the class and the particular needs and directions of the group.

Recommended Books
  • The Anatomy of Healing Prayer by Ernest Holmes
  • Unveiling Your Hidden Power, Miller
  • Scientific Mental Practice, Emma Curtis Hopkins

Class 1: Stepping on the path, setting the intentions:
What is and is not a mystic.
We will also divide into small groups for more intimate communication and process.
Class 2: What does it mean to be an everyday mystic?
Class 3: Exploring mysticism from the perspective of Oneness Philosophies
Class 4: What role does Faith play in mystical experiences?
Class 5: The Voice Celestial a presentation on Ernest Holmes classic poem Presented by Rev Jackie Doughty
Class 6: The Ten Steps to Peace
Opportunities for follow-up on this course.
The work of Jean Huston and others.